Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA): Fostering Innovation in Indonesia

The Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) is a dedicated association focused on the development and promotion of innovation in Indonesia. Our primary goal is to cultivate an innovative climate for inventors and provide a platform for Indonesian innovators to showcase their projects on the international stage through the International Invention Expo.

Since its establishment in 2011, INNOPA has been actively involved in building a strong network and introducing Indonesian innovators to the global innovation ecosystem. Through our efforts, we aim to bridge the gap between local inventors and international opportunities, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Promoting Innovation

INNOPA is committed to creating an environment that encourages and supports innovation in Indonesia. We believe that innovation is crucial for economic growth, social development, and technological advancement. By promoting innovation, we strive to contribute to the overall progress of the nation.

Through various initiatives, INNOPA works towards nurturing a culture of innovation by providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to inventors and innovators. We organize workshops, seminars, and training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of aspiring innovators, helping them turn their ideas into reality.

International Invention Expo

The International Invention Expo serves as a platform for Indonesian innovators to showcase their projects to a global audience. INNOPA actively participates in international invention exhibitions and fairs, providing a gateway for Indonesian inventors to gain recognition and exposure on an international level.

By participating in these expos, Indonesian innovators have the opportunity to connect with potential investors, collaborators, and industry experts. This exposure not only helps them gain valuable feedback but also opens doors to potential partnerships and commercialization opportunities.

Networking and Collaboration

INNOPA recognizes the importance of networking and collaboration in the innovation ecosystem. We actively facilitate connections between Indonesian innovators and international counterparts, fostering collaborations that can lead to the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources.

Through our network, INNOPA helps innovators access a wide range of resources, including funding opportunities, research facilities, and mentorship programs. By connecting innovators with relevant stakeholders, we aim to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures and accelerates the growth of innovative projects.


The Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) plays a vital role in promoting innovation and fostering a culture of creativity in Indonesia. Through our initiatives, such as the International Invention Expo and networking opportunities, we aim to provide a platform for Indonesian innovators to showcase their projects and connect with the global innovation ecosystem.

By nurturing a supportive environment and providing resources for inventors and innovators, INNOPA strives to contribute to the growth and development of the innovation landscape in Indonesia. We believe that by fostering innovation, we can drive economic progress, improve quality of life, and position Indonesia as a hub for groundbreaking ideas and inventions.

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